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Nicklins helps out Guelph Fire Dept.

Nicklins helps out Guelph Fire Dept.

Nicklin Auto Recyclers receives “Appreciation Plaque” from the Guelph Fire Department for helping them with their extrication training needs.

“On Friday October 12th, this department had the pleasure of presenting an “Appreciation Plaque” to Mr. Denis Krajcar, owner of Nicklin Auto Parts & Recyclers.

For the past number of years, Mr. Krajcar has provided this department with vehicles for our members to use for their extrication training, and along with this has been the use of his property where his employees will place the vehicles as to how our extrication instructors would like the vehicles to be placed, whether they are left upright, on their sides or placed upside down on their rooftop.

We have built a strong partnership with Mr. Krajcar, and I would hope that this partnership/friendship will continue for years to come as our members have been given a great opportunity to practice, develop and enhance their extrication skills.

On behalf of David Scott and myself, I would like to thank all those involved for allowing our members this great training opportunity.”

Mark Mitchell

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